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The amazing Akamas and Polis/Latchi beaches and other natural attractions

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Polis and Latchi – sandwiched between Akamas and Paphos Forest

Polis and Latchi (a tourist resort 3 kilometers towards the west) are found on the north west coast of Cyprus, less than 10 kilometers east of Akamas peninsula.  They are 35 kilometers north of Paphos, 150 km west of Nicosia, 70 kilometers north west of Platres, 100 kilometers north west of Limassol, 170 kilometers north west of Larnaca and 220 kilometers north west of Protaras and Ayia Napa.  The north west coast of Cyprus is very different from the busy south coast.  The area combines high hills, forests, (some organized and various) less organized beaches, and in places, a ragged, scenic coastline.  The beaches of Latchi and Polis are well organized, and they have a combination of dark sand and pebble.  Further north west in the Akamas peninsula one can find lovely coves like the white sand Blue Lagoon or the cove at Fontana Amorosa.  Further east at Argaka village, there is a long, almost deserted sandy beach whereas at Pomos village the coastline is very ragged, with small sandy breaks between the rocks. 

The Akamas peninsula is one of the jewels of Cyprus nature offering endless opportunities for walking on the various official (and unofficial) walking trails, mountain biking, snorkeling, birdwatching and nature study (Cyprus flowers, Cyprus orchids, etc).  The easiest way to enter Akamas is from the village of Neo Chorio on a good quality dirt road.  There is also a coastal dirt road by Aphrodite’s Baths, the view is extraordinary but the road is at a very bad state (and can be dangerous). 

Paphos Forest (and Troodos mountains) is less than 20 km towards the south east and offers yet more opportunities for great ecotourism activities.  Paphos Forest covers a large part of Cyprus and its dense forests and green valleys (eg Cedar Valley, Platy valley, Agia valley, Pomos valley) provide a large number of possible walking and/or mountain biking trails. 

Polis, Latchi, Argaka and Pomos have modern buildings and have largely lost their Cypriot character.  The same doesnot apply for many villages in the area (Kathikas, Arodes, Goudi, Kato Akourdaleia, Lysos, Neo Chorio) whose village centers give a good picture of past Cyprus village architecture.

For your Polis/Latchi holidays you can stay in one of the few hotels in Polis/Latchi.  Most of them are not luxury hotels (Anassa near Akamas is a stark exception).  Near the coast (Neo Chorio, Latchi, Polis, Argaka, Pomos), there are numerous villas for rent, while in a few villages there are very good agrotourism accommodation options (eg at Kathikas, Goudi, Arodes, Kritou Tera, Kato Akordaleia -  there is also an interesting small hotel near Lysos village).   

Polis/Latchi attractions in our database related to nature include 11 beaches, 10 walking trails, 2 wetlands, a Venetian bridge, and an ancient tree.

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