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Vikla Reforestation Experiment

You can read about a private reforestation experiment opposite Panayia tou Sinti church in the Xeros valley, near the village of Salamiou, Paphos at


A couple of thousand plant species can be found on the island many of which were brought here from far away places such as Latin America, China and Australia. Of course of particular botanical importance are the endemic plants, many of which can be found on the two mountain ranges of Troodos and Pentadactylos, Paphos forest and the Akamas peninsula.  Our database includes a selection of about 350 plant species which we think are among the most representative on the island.


Besides its educational value, the section can give guidance to those interested in experiencing and studying (and/or photographing) specific plants in their natural environment.  Using the advanced plants search page, you can construct complicated queries.  The resulting lists can guide you as to plants that you may find in specific locations, altitude ranges, and blooming period.  For example, the website can list the plants that are in bloom from November till January, or the endemic plants that are found in (a particular) one of the biodiverse areas of Cyprus (eg in the Akamas peninsula).  You can also compose more complicated queries. 


To produce the plants section of we used a number of books including a) The endemic plants of Cyprus by Tsintides (Takis Ch.),  b) “Wild flowers and other plants of Cyprus” (in Greek) by the Ministry of Agriculture, c) Flora of Cyprus by Meikle R.D., and other sources.

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